Interim Executive Services

An interim executive is not a “temp,” but a senior executive with long and deep experience. Someone who can quickly get his or her hands around a situation and start making decisions; hit the ground running. Like Janis, professional problem solvers who “make things happen.”


Has a sudden and unexpected departure left you in the lurch? It can take four to six months (sometimes more) to replace a C-level executive, and even longer to replace a CEO or President.

The right interim executive can:

  • Bring an independent set of eyes and the right experience to evaluate the current state of a company and help craft the specifications for the next leader.
  • Stabilize an environment with a “leadership vacuum” to provide direction and leadership during the transition.
  • Supply specific experience that may not be available in the company; when you can’t afford to have a vacancy. For example, an interim executive can keep deals moving, balls rolling, and mergers and acquisitions on schedule.

A short-term interim executive may be the right solution:

  • For small companies or companies in transition that can’t justify hiring a full-time executive, an interim executive can help achieve a specific goal or lay the groundwork for someone within the company to take over.
  • For companies that need specific experience which is not available within the company, such as experience with turnarounds, M&A, expansion into international markets, or positioning a company for new ownership.

Janis Machala, who brings decades of experience across multiple industries and multiple functions as a senior executive and senior manager, can serve as an interim CEO, President, COO, Vice President of Marketing, or Vice President of Business Development. She can serve on a part-time or full-time basis until an executive search has been completed and the selected candidate brought on board.

Just a few of the situations in which Janis has stepped in to fill a leadership gap:

  • Served as Interim CEO and Board Member when a CEO resigned suddenly due to health issues.
  • Acted as a part-time COO when two founders were deadlocked on the future direction of their company and the leadership team needed someone who could both arbitrate and help determine the best path forward.
  • Stepped in as an interim Vice President of Professional Services to provide leadership, manage explosive departmental growth, and ensure there were no missed deliverables, while the company searched for its first full-time vice president.
  • Contributed as interim Vice President of Business Development to identify – and rapidly bring to the table – strategic partners that could help grow the value of the business and execute a successful exit strategy through one of the partners.
  • There are more, just ask!