Executive Coach

There are myriad consultants who are coaches offering to provide advisory, mentoring, or training services, ranging from life coaches to retirement planning coaches. Many come from human resources, organizational development, psychiatry, or psychology fields.

Then there are coaches who have extensive business expertise to draw on. They have walked in your shoes as a CEO, COO, or other C-level executive or served in a specific functional specialization such as sales leadership, finance, legal, etc.

What makes Janis unique? Why is she the coach you should choose?

  • Breadth and depth of experience in companies of all sizes. Janis has worked for – and with – large multinational companies like Microsoft, Sun, and Wang, as well as new start-ups consisting of two to three co-founders (and a dog) in a garage.
  • Experience in a variety of vertical markets across a wide range of roles and functions. Janis has served as Chairman of the Board, Board Member, CEO, COO, and marketing and business development executive, and her coaching methods bring deep value to your business arena.

Are you facing your first appointment as a CEO or President? Investors and other board members will all tell you that they will provide the coaching you want or need. But there are simply some topics you will be reticent about discussing with these two important groups. An experienced outside partner – like Janis – can coach you through a variety of challenges and help you navigate unknown territory, discretely and behind the scenes where you may be more comfortable.


Seasoned executives will benefit from Janis’ advice as they face new challenges such as on-boarding at a new organization, advancing for the first time to a C-level role, determining new a career path or trajectory, or sharpening their game to work with a new executive team.


Co-founders wear many hats. Are you also Chairman of your company or a board member while serving as a day-to-day operating executive? Wearing a fiduciary/governance hat while managing an operating executive role can be challenging and confusing. How – and when – do you step out of one role into the other? Having been on myriad corporate boards and worked intimately with founders who have served multiple roles, Janis can provide you the support you need as you balance the responsibilities of both functions.