Business Advisor

Leading companies for maximum value may involve grooming an early stage company for its first professional round of financing or guiding a mid-market company through a significant growth phase they have not previously experienced. Our capacity to understand the needs of companies in transition comes from years of working on the inside designing the strategy, running the business, and motivating teams. This first-hand experience steers us to the best possible solution for every client.


Develop a comprehensive market-aligned business strategy, including product development and sales strategies for vertical markets and target customer groups.


Prepare or complete a compelling business plan including define your product and sales strategies, research viable market opportunities, identify competitive challenges, and build a bottom-up financial model. And, based on the findings, guide preparation of a formal executive summary for potential investors, as well as the accompanying investor presentation.


Validate that your market and customer research is aligned with your business model and financial projections. Alternatively, conduct market research: analyze economic trends, research the competition, identify viable customer segments, conduct gap analyses to guide product strategy and features, and bring company and product positioning in line with the results.


Research, identify, and negotiate mutually beneficial marketing and business alliances or partnerships with compatible companies to extend your market reach and strengthen your competitive position.


Conduct a thorough business assessment, focusing on your best business model, management team, market opportunity, target markets, competitive challenges, financial needs, and operational requirements. Following this due diligence, we present a plan for enhancing your potential for attracting investment capital and improving your valuation and investment terms.


Identify requirements for each management position and conduct structured interviews to determine how the professional and personal traits of your leaders align with those requirements. A comprehensive final report describes individual strengths and weaknesses, obstacles to growth, and missing capabilities, and recommends an action plan for team improvements.


Evaluate the effectiveness of your company-wide business processes and target areas for improvement, such as formalizing the human resource recruitment processes; monitoring sales performance; creating financial dashboards, scorecards, and other controls; and recommending management reporting tools.