At Paladin Partners, our only agenda is to help you achieve your goals or overcome your challenges.

Janis Machala

Managing Partner

Strategic Advisor, Executive
Coach, Interim Executive

Since our launch in 1995, we have enabled the growth of myriad start-up, emerging growth, and mid-market companies, by lending our expertise as a board member, business advisor, growth consultant, interim executive, or executive coach.

Our clients call us, “transformative, innovative, connected, selfless, smart, driven, entrepreneurial, and creative,” and we’re proud of our reputation! Not only do we see the forest AND the trees, we have a unique ability to come up to speed in a new area and quickly engage and mobilize industry experts as required.

Paladin Partners helps companies, boards, and executives address key strategic and operational challenges – we call these opportunities – and achieve greater financial or social impact outcomes.

We build long-term relationships and our clients benefit from working with us long after the engagement has been completed. We’re always here to answer a question, find a resource in a specific domain area, be a sounding board, or make a connection on your behalf.

We have served hundreds of large corporations, mid-market enterprises, and start-up companies across a broad range of industries including cloud/SaaS, consumer products, education, financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing, publishing, specialty retail, semi-conductor, information technology, and many more.

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For executives facing life or career challenges, partnership with a skilled executive coach can lead to profound personal, professional, and career development and enrichment.

A coach can help even the most seasoned executive assimilate into new cultures, transition into a new career role, and drive strategic or cultural change.

We lead companies or business units to maximize shareholder value providing guidance through growth and inflection points such as fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, and organizational change.

Decades of leading businesses, motivating teams, and designing strategies have fine-tuned our ability to assist companies in transition.

A board of directors needs to be constantly nurtured in the same way that C-level executives or Line of Business leaders foster teamwork in a senior leadership team.

We help assess gaps in board capabilities and develop strategies and plans to strengthen those capabilities, bring strategic planning skills to your board work, or serve as a committed board member.

When a sudden vacancy occurs, and there is no succession plan, we can step in and oversee a company, business unit, or functional unit, to ensure business continuity.

We keep things on track and allow time to recruit and hire the best candidate without feeling rushed to just fill a seat.